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Stand Out in the Crowd!

First impressions are everything. Your brand should reveal to your customers that you provide the best solution for their needs. Let’s design your visuals. Let’s define your voice.

  • ­Modern and evergreen logo for your business.
  • ­Branding that stands out in the crowd.
  • ­Strategic approach towards redesigning brand.

We take great care in designing the perfect logo for your business. Below are a few examples of our process, from sketches to final product. Whether you need a logo refresh, or new identity from top to bottom, we’ve got this. We dig deep to find out how you want the outside world to view you among the competition. We then take all those thoughts and ideas and translate them into a visual representation of your company that

Our comprehensive logo design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted logo for your business.

The exploration phase involves seeking inspiration—often in unlikely places. Gathering images and notes from various historical, cultural and contemporary sources helps to build a collection of references that can be drawn from. Next, sketching begins.
This involves exploring different symbols and letter-forms and as many variations of each as possible. Creating many iterations not only nudges an idea into a new, meaningful direction, but allows it to go the distance.


The Sketch phase is where we start to organize the concepts and information from the exploration phase and our designers start to put pencil to grid paper.

*Did you know that some design schools ask the students to come up with exactly 100 ideas before they decide on the right one?*

The reason is simple — the only way to separate the good from the bad is to have a lot of things to pick from. After you’re done with the sketching process, pick 5-7 of your best ideas and create some initial designs in Illustrator or other vector based apps. As a reminder, the best ideas are not the nicest looking ones or the safe ones which look like everything else out there — they are ideas which have the chance to make your client truly stand out in the market.


The refinement stage is the longest one because it involves a lot of back and forth regarding the improvements and changes for the presented logo drafts. Here’s where the fun happens.

Colors, details and various bells and whistles are added, changed and thrown away during logo refinement stage. Various application mock-ups are developed to see how the logo will perform in different situations — sometimes a logo detail on paper doesn’t really work well on a building.

Ultimately, the final logo is chosen, approved and prepared for identity development. As you can imagine, a great logo is not the end but the beginning of a great brand identity.Business stationery, signage, vehicle branding and many other communication tools have to be designed so they all send a unified brand message. Identity development makes that happen. During this stage, all important logo applications are designed and standardized in a brand guidelines book, known simply as “brand book.”

This book shows how to work with the logo and prescribes standard layout, color, imagery and typography guidelines for common marketing materials. This way companies make sure their identity is protected and guided by the same principles even when they switch designers or agencies.


*Note while the identity development stage is optional, it is usually offered as a part of the total identity design package — most clients want to standardize at least business stationery and signage.


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