Time to connect with new clients on social media

Time to connect with new clients on social media

Time to connect with new clients on social media

Connecting with your client means that you are being relatable, it helps them feel as though you are just like them and therefore creates trust. 

Why is connecting with your clients so important?

Social Media is where we choose to be every day. With over two billion Facebook users, trillions of tweets and an ever growing selfie portfolio on Instagram it’s a no brainer that everyone and their grandmother is now using social media at all times every day. In the sea of social media it’s getting harder each day to find new ways to stand out, what makes influencers so influential? What is it that they are doing that keeps people coming to their pages and liking their posts? How are they able to not only grow on social media but also maintain that growth over time as they create a brand for themselves?

These are questions that many people ask themselves all of the time, some of the most common questions about social media are about how to grow a following for your business and all thought there is a lot of free advice and information available, when you really look at it all it starts to become repetitive and useless. Most of the “advice” available is not actually helpful for growing and maintaining a real following, it’s just the same tips being repeated over and over by different people on the internet. 

When it comes down to it the most important thing you need to do in order to grow on social media is to connect with your clients. Making your clients feel like they are important to you creates a lasting bond that translates into a greater relationship with them, from a loyal follower to a dedicated fan who will trust in your brand and anything you are selling or offering them. It can also help you understand what your clients are looking for when you are willing to connect with them and give them a voice. 

Making each person feel a connection to you requires a lot of your time and that’s where social media marketing comes in, the reason why not everyone can grow and maintain a real authentic growth on social media is because they don’t have the ability to connect with their clients. It takes a team of people to create a personalized service for you to be able to truly connect with your clients and build trust that will grow over time and provide you with loyal customers in the future. 

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